• Huss & Dalton DM Custom w/Adirondack Top

    HUSS & DALTON Custom DM with Adirondack Spruce Top! This is one amazing guitar….it’s in the race for one of the best three guitars we have ever had in the store! The sheer power this thing has is not to be believed! It’s made from the highest quality Honduran Mahogany, with a very “highly silked” Adirondack spruce top, that makes it absolutely the strongest loudest banjo killing guitar you ever heard! This is an expensive guitar, and this kind of quality does not come cheap. Flamed maple binding, bone nut and saddle, incredible craftsmanship! If you’re looking for the ultimate in a top shelf guitar, this is more than likely it! Come by and give it try! Remember, guitars really do cost less at AURORA GUNS AND GUITARS! “THE DRIVE TO AURORA IS WORTH IT!”

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