Big Baby Taylor “Left Hand”

The LEFT HAND”Taylor Big Baby!!! This is the left hand version of our favorite guitar to sell! The easiest playing acoustic guitar made…anywhere! It's a slightly downsized dreadnaught, it's about a half inch thinner than a standard dreadnaught, and the perimeter is reduced by about three eighths of an inch, with a very playable narrow neck (translation: “UNBELIEVABLY EASY TO PLAY!”)!
This is the BEST student guitar ever! We have two distinct customers for the Taylor Big Baby….obviously the serious and determined student, and on the other extreme, our clients who are accomplished players who have several high end guitars…..those folks have a Big Baby next to their easy chair (recliner) at home so they can just lean back and play comfortably while they watch their big screen TV! If you don't have a Big Baby Taylor, you don't know what you're missing! So if you’re a “LEFTY” come by and get one soon! Remember, guitars cost less at Aurora Guns and Guitars! “The drive to Aurora is worth it!”

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