Taylor 214ce Deluxe Sunburst

Here we go again!……another NEW Taylor! This is the 214ce Deluxe in Vintage Sunburst ! This one just came in yesterday, to replace the one that Amy from HIghlandville purchased a few weeks ago. Amy just loves the 214ce Deluxe Sunburst and you will too. The “Deluxe” 200 series is an up-grade of the standard series that gets you a full gloss finish, a deluxe hard case, and diamond snowflake position markers on the fretboard. These 200 Deluxe guitars are a lot of “bang for the buck,” and are “best sellers” in the Taylor line! Come in today and find out just how great these wonderful Taylor guitars are, and get the best deal anywhere in the country! Folks, we’re selling a lot of Taylor’s…..there must be a reason! Come and find out for yourself exactly why AURORA GUNS and GUITARS is the ONLY place to get your new Taylor!

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