Taylor 812-CE 12 Fret Slotted Headstock

Well, it finally got here!!! This is our long awaited Taylor 812-ce 12 Fret Slotted Headstock model, with the “HIGH PERFORMANCE” package! Available only by “special order!” This is one truly amazing instrument! Most dreadnaughts don't sound this BIG!!! This is one POWERFUL little guitar! We think this is perhaps the “coolest” guitar Taylor builds. It's done in Indian rosewood sides and back, with a sitka spruce top, maple binding, paua rosette, Taylor's ES-2 Expression System electronic package, and the “HIGH PERFORMANCE PACKAGE” which includes a bone nut and saddle and Adirondack spruce bracing. This all adds up to a guitar that beats anything you have ever touched! The “slotted headstock” places the tuning posts at a much lower position relative to the nut, thus the the strings go over the nut at a much sharper angle than on standard headstocks, and that “sharper angle” increases the “down pressure” against the nut, resulting in more of the string's vibration being transmitted to the neck itself, then from the neck right into the guitar body, resulting in a much more powerful and pleasing tonal presentation. Coupled with the “HIGH PERFORMANCE PACKAGE” bone nut and saddle, even greater transmission of string vibrations are easily heard. Now, add the positive effects of the Adirondack bracing, and you get even more “horsepower!” This thing is just over the top on good sound and tone flavor! You must come to our guitar shop and try this one out! Remember, “Guitars really do cost less at Aurora Guns and Guitar!” “The drive to Aurora is worth it!” Give us a call at 147-678-5447 for more of our thoughts on this greatest of guitars!

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