Taylor 814ce Deluxe !

Here’s the newest from Taylor! It’s the 814ce-Deluxe! The “Deluxe Upgrade” is the greatest thing Taylor has done for 2017! You will notice the beveled “arm rest” on the top side of the lower bout that looks like a million bucks and makes the guitar feel at least an inch thinner! VERY COMFORTABLE! The “Deluxe” upgrade includes Adirondack bracing, for super powerful sound, (it’s kinda’ like “afterburner” in a jet!), and Gotoh 510 tuners with the 21 to 1 gear ratio for the finest tuning available! There’s never been anything quite like the Taylor 800 Deluxe series, and you just have to come play this one to find out just how dynamite this thing really is…..and at AURORA GUNS AND GUITARS, it’s more affordable than anywhere else in the country! There’s a reason everyone buys their new and used guitars here! Come find out for yourself today! We promise that you will not be disappointed…..ever! We are the Taylor Guitar “SUPERSTORE OF THE OZARKS!” Come select your new Taylor soon at AURORA GUNS AND GUITARS! “THE DRIVE TO AURORA IS WORTH IT!

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