Taylor 814ce

Here’s another new Taylor arrival ! Taylor’s “flagship” model, the world famous 814ce ! A customer came all the way from Kansas City, Kansas last Saturday, (the word’s out even in Kansas City that the drive to Aurora Guns and Guitars is worth it!), and took the one we had on the wall home! He was running late and didn’t even have time for us to take his picture with his new Taylor, but he still saved a whole bunch of his hard earned money by driving to Aurora…..you can too! Just got this new one in today, and it’s a winner! (All Taylor’s are winners!)…

The Taylor 814ce is the guitar that put Taylor on the map! You can be the next proud Taylor owner of this new 814ce! If folks come all the way to Aurora Guns and Guitars from Kansas City, there has to be a reason!…..we’ll let you figure that one out, but here’s a hint……we have over 50 Taylor’s on the wall and our prices……well, we’re sure you can do the math on that! Come to Aurora Guns and Guitars and save lots of your money too!

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