A Wall of Taylors!!!

Welcome to our “WALL OF TAYLORS!” We have the largest selection of the world (and locally) famous TAYLOR GUITARS in the entire Southwest Missouri area! If you are thinking about adding another Taylor to your collection, or are considering your first major guitar purchase, come see us! Our prices are the “LOWEST” you will find anywhere and the level of our “CUSTOMER SERVICE” is far beyond what you will experience anywhere else, period! Our goal is to become the largest “TAYLOR DEALER” in the greater 4-STATE area! We will be adding more and more models every day to our “WALL of TAYLORS” so check our website and our Facebook page often! Right now, we have a great assortment of “PRE-OWNED” Taylors to choose from, and you can save from a few hundred to several hundred bucks on these! Our “PRE-OWNED” Taylors are what we call “CERTIFIED!” This means that we have gone over them with the proverbial “fine tooth comb” and we can guarantee that your purchase of a “PRE-OWNED” Taylor is “risk free.” Whatever your desires are in a new or used guitar, we can do it! Remember, guitars really do cost less at AURORA GUNS AND GUITARS! “The drive to Aurora is worth it!”

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